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Achenbach, Andreas

Landscape with Angler

Adams, Ansel

Winter-Forest Detail

Adriani, Camillo 

Rockport Harbor

Aldrich, George Ames  

The Childhood Home of Ames Aldrich

Avery, March

Kitchen Window

Baum, Walter

Snowy Farmstead

Behrens, Peter

Der Kuss (The Kiss)

Berne-Bellecoeur, Etienne

Every Man for Themselves

Bricher, Alfred Thompson  

New England Coastal

Briscoe, Franklin D. 

Civil War General with His Mount

Fishing Boats Along the Shore

Rocky Coast in New England

Corbineau, Charles Auguste 

Resting in the Sun

De Breanski, Alfred 

At Mapledurham on the Thames

Eldred, Thomas 

Abstract II

 English, Frank F.


Fratino, Cesare

Due Pierrot

Frerichs, William

North Carolina Landscape

Garcia y Vasquez, Domingo 

Jungle Landscape with Riders

Greaves, Harry 

Quarry Along the Delaware River

Gruppe, Emile

Vermont Church

Gruppe, Charles Paul 

Sheep with Barn in Landscape

Hart, William

Mt. Desert, Maine

Hays, Barton Stone 

Table Top Fruit Still Life

Howard, Humbert 

The Carousel

James and Camac Street

The Laurel Tree

Self Portrait

Kulicke, Robert

Half-Peeled Orange

Zinnias in a Glass Jar

Lever, Hayley

Still Life with Pear and Apple

Lundberg, August

Behind the Stage, Broadway, NY, NY

Malfoy-Savigny, Henri

Port St-Denis

Martino, Antonio

Winter Manayunk

Morgan, William Penn 

Playing Jackstones

Old Masters

Neapolitan Still Life with Flowers and Morels

Neapolitan Still Life with Grapes, Apples and Berries

Pratella, Attilio

Folding the Net


Ranger, Henry Ward

Hillside Landscape

Redfield, Edward W.

April Blossoms

Sorver, J.D. 

The Three Chicks

Streitt, Franciszek 

A Day in the Village

Van Loan, Dorothy 

Summer Picnic

Van Roekens, Paulette 

2 1/2 Pears

Van Swanevelt, Herman

Figures in an Italianate Landscape

Wansart, Eric 

Cabanas on the Beach

Waugh, Frederick Judd

Rocky Coastline

Weber, Carl 

Panoramic Landscape

Weinrich, Agnes 

Abstract Blue

Wuermer, Carl 

The Wintry River

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